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Piotr Turek music
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Welcome to the world of Piotr Turek, a Polish composer and touring musician currently based in the UK. With a musical journey that began in 2010, Piotr founded the acclaimed band Telepathy, which is recognized for its achievements in releasing four successful studio albums and captivating audiences across extensive European tours with over 400 live performances.

In 2020, Piotr redirected his creative energy toward a profound passion for film music. This dedication led to the composition, production, and mixing of orchestral, electronic, and hybrid genres, resulting in contributions to short films. Notably, Piotr has recently taken on the roles of recording, producing, and mixing Telepathy's eagerly anticipated album, 'Transmissions,' scheduled for release next year.

Beyond the stage and studio, Piotr embarked on a Master's course in Professional Media Composition at Think Space Education in 2023, enriching his musical prowess with valuable insights into the industry.

Explore Piotr's world, where music is not just a craft but a journey of constant evolution. His portfolio reflects a genuine commitment to pushing creative boundaries. Join Piotr Turek on his musical odyssey, where innovation meets authenticity. 

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